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Who can become an investor UHBIKE LTD?

To join the circle of investors UHBIKE LTD may any individual who has attained the age of majority. Registration as an investor is only possible after the adoption of the terms of the agreement to operate UHBIKE LTD.

How to register?

Registration is required, but not a complicated procedure. Fill in the registration form giving all the required data. Be careful and precise when filling in the fields with password. The password must contain at least 6 (six) characters. The more complex the password, the higher the security of your account. Keep the password out of reach of other people. To confirm your registration, you must provide a valid email address.

Can I register multiple accounts?

No. In accordance with the policy of the company’s work UHBIKE LTD, multiple registration is impossible and prohibited. In identifying such fact, all your accounts will be blocked until the circumstances are clarified.

What is the personal account/balance?

Every participant after registration gets an individual account that can only use he. Account exists independently of the deposits and is associated with a payment wallet. With personal account you can open and replenish deposits, i.e., first, you need to Fund an account, and then to replenish his Deposit. On account paid the accrued interest and returns the body of the Deposit. You can send funds from the account into your payment wallet at any time in automatic mode. The personal account is used to increase the security of operations, facilities, investment transactions and lower commissions of payment systems for Deposit and withdrawal of funds.

How to secure financial transactions?

For financial transactions we use a secure server known payment systems. You specify only the numbers of your electronic purses, access to which is only known to you.

What currency is used?

All calculations and charges are made in a single currency pair. Balance replenishment is also possible in USD currency only. Conversion to other currencies is not possible.

How long does it take to add my deposit to my account?

It depends on the relevant payment system. Terms volatile between the momentary crediting and 12 hours of waiting (depending on the workload).

How can I check the balance of my personal account?

You can obtain access to the information of Your personal account 24 by 7 via the Internet or phone, by contacting Your personal manager.

How many days in a week will it take to accrue interest on deposit?

To accrue interest on the income of Your deposit will take seven days in a week.

Is there any fee for deposit and withdrawal?

When you withdraw funds from a personal balance,the fee is 2%. When depositing the balance fee may be charged by the payment system.

What is the the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $5. The maximum withdrawal amount is $1000.And the max daily withdrawal amount  is $2500.

How quickly will money appear on my account after the request for withdrawal?

Requests for withdrawal are processed within 48 hours from the request. Only holidays and weekends are the exceptions.

Can I earn referral commission without being an active lender ?

Yes you may and you’re welcome to sign up and join our affiliate program for free.

Where do you invest your money and growth plan ?