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4-10%, including the body of the Deposit will automatically be credited once a day.


Replenish your balance to open the deposit, or open a deposit directly from the payment system.


Just click the withdrawl botton,earn profit has never become so simple!

Our Story

UHBIKE LTD envisiones millions of people riding bikes. Bicycling is an everyday, mainstream activity in many communities and it is recognized, accommodated, and funded as a legitimate and essential mode of transportation in the world. Government residents embrace a healthy and active lifestyle that includes safe and convenient active transportation options. As a result, our communities benefit from improved health, stronger economies, and a higher quality of life. We think it is a national  model for innovative bicycle-friendly transportation facilities and programs. Read More…

Our Plans

Brief information about our investment services.
We will according to the set time to open up markets, to raise funds.
Remember that we process payment requests from Monday to Friday.


  • Each Package Costs 25$ 
  • Deposit 1 ~ 100 Packages
  • For 30 Calendar Days
  • Get 20% Pure Profit
  • Principal Included
  • Activate On March 1
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  • Each Package Costs 25$ 
  • Deposit 101 ~ 500 Packages
  • For 25 Calendar Days
  • Get 25% Pure Profit
  • Principal Included
  • Activate On May 1
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  • Each Package Costs 25$ 
  • Deposit 501 ~ 1000 Packages
  • For 11 Calendar Days
  • Get 10% Pure Profit
  • Principal Included
  • Activate On July 1
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Our Features

  • Principal returned at the end of the investment term

  • Payments through multiple payment systems

  • Realistic returns that helps both sides, us and you to benefit

  • Automatic deposits and withdrawals

  • No fees on deposits and withdrawals

  • Withdraw to any payment system of your choice

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Please Check The COMPANY

Our company number is 10605988 , Registered office address: 30 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1Y 2AY

Accepted Payment Systems

We accept PerfectMoeny, Bitcoin, Payeer(coming soon), Advcash(coming soon).

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